Get started with Okta

When you first begin to configure your Okta org, it can be challenging to know where to start.

To guide you through the first steps, the Get Started guide provides a list of 5 key tasks you will need to complete to get your Okta org up and running. When you first sign on, the Get Started guide is highlighted in your Okta Admin Console.

You can also access the guide in your Okta Admin Console by navigating to Dashboard > Getting Started.

The guide will step you through these tasks:

  1. Bringing some users into Okta from Active Directory or LDAP
  2. Setting up Single Sign On for your first app
  3. Adding another admin user
  4. Selecting MFA factors
  5. Creating a sign on policy that requires MFA for your users

There is a documentation link for each task to help you through the steps.

When you complete a task, a check mark appears beside the task to indicate it is complete. After all five tasks are complete, the Get Started option no longer appears on the main menu bar.

The Get Started guide steps you through five key tasks.