Edit a resource set

This is an Early Access feature. To enable it, go to Settings > Features in the Okta Admin Console and turn on Custom Administrator Roles.

Before you begin

Start the task

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Security > Administrators.

  2. Go to the Resources tab. The Resources tab displays a list of previously created resource sets and their descriptions.

  3. For the resource set that you want to modify, click Edit. To delete the resource set, click Delete resource set.

  4. From the drop-down box, select Edit resource set.

  5. View the current admin assignments for the resource set.

  6. Click Continue to edit the resource set. To go back to the Resources tab, click Cancel.

  7. On the Create new resource set page, modify the user resources and group resources as required.


    Follow the instructions in the tool tips for creating more efficient roles.

  8. Click Save resource set. You get a confirmation message stating that the resource set was edited and can be used. If the modifications weren’t saved, you get an error message. Follow the instructions in the message and retry.


You can use Okta-sourced, AD-sourced, and LDAP-sourced groups as resources. However, the following permissions aren't applicable to AD-sourced and LDAP-sourced groups:

  • Create users

  • Manage users' authenticator operations

  • Edit users' profile attributes

  • Manage group membership

Next step

Create an admin assignment using a resource set