Symantec VIP (MFA)

Available for free in the United States and Canada in both enterprise and SSO editions, this factor enables you to use the VIP Manager tool to obtain a certificate that you use to sign in.

Enable Symantec VIP

Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) is a cloud-based authentication service that enables secure access to networks and applications. To enable Symantec VIP for multifactor authentication, you must upload a certificate. You should obtain your certificate from the Symantec VIP Manager before you can configure this option.

On the Symantec VIP tab, use Browse to upload your VIP certificate. It must be in .p12 (PKCS#12) file format, and enter the VIP Manager password.

Configure Symantec VIP


  1. Go to Symantec VIP Manager to obtain a certificate. Your certificate must be in .p12(PKCS#12) file format.
  2. Upload your Symantec VIP certificate and enter your VIP Manager password.

Set up the VIP Access app

Users may install the VIP access app on their mobile devices. The first time users sign into their org after you configure this factor, they see the Extra verification is required for your account page and must perform the following steps:

  1. When you sign into Okta, you are prompted to set up VIP. Click Setup.
  2. Enter your credential ID and security codes, and then click Register.

After the initial setup, your users must enter the security code generated by the VIP access app (based on the frequency you set for Ask for additional factor.