Block list a Network Zone

Both IP Zones and Dynamic Zones can be block listed. If a zone is block listed, clients from block listed zones cannot access any URL for the org and requests are automatically blocked prior to any type of policy evaluation.



Okta is focused on the adoption of inclusive language and communication. Some long-standing industry terminology and expressions have been updated as part of this initiative. In this topic,

  • blacklist is now referred to as block list
  • blacklisting is now referred to as block listing
  • blacklisted is now referred to as block listed

To Block list a Network Zone:

  1. From the Admin Console, navigate to Security > Networks.
  2. In the list of existing zones, click Edit for the zone you wish to modify.
  3. Block list the zone by selecting Block access from IPs matching conditions listed in this zone.
  4. Click Save to continue.


Two network zones are created by default when the Multiple Network Zones feature is enabled. One of them can be used for block listing IPs.