Okta Credential Provider for Windows


The Okta Credential Provider for Windows prompts usersIn Okta literature, we generally refer to "users" as the people who serve as Okta administrators. When we refer to "end users" we are generally referring to the people who the administrators serve. That is, those who use Okta chiclets to access their apps, but have no administrative control. for MFA when signing in to supported Windows servers with an RDP clientEssentially, a client is anything that talks to the Okta service. Within the traditional client-server model, Okta is the server. The client might be an agent, an Okta mobile app, or a browser plugin. . It supports all Okta-supported MFA factors except Windows Hello and U2F tokens.



Sign in to Okta and verify or set up policies. Install the agent on the Windows server and return to Okta to create an appAn abbreviation of application. Essentially, it is a web-based site used to perform any number of specific tasks, and requires authentication from end users by signing in. and assign users. Test the setup once the installation has been successful. The installation contains three major installation steps and one testing step. Be sure to complete the testing after the installation.