Exempt an IP Zone from Okta ThreatInsight

Exempt an IP Zone so that it is not considered a threat when end users sign-in to Okta from an address that is contained in the IP Zone. If you need to create a new IP Zone, refer to Network Security and navigate to Create an IP Zone.



Okta is focused on the adoption of inclusive language and communication. Some long-standing industry terminology and expressions have been updated as part of this initiative. In this topic, whitelist is now referred to as allow list and whitelisted is now referred to allow listed.

Before you begin

Configure the settings for Okta ThreatInsight. See Configure Okta ThreatInsight

To enter an existing IP Zone to have it allow listed from Okta ThreatInsight:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Security > General.

  2. Select one of the following Okta ThreatInsight options:
    • Log authentication attempts from malicious IPs
    • Log and block authentication attempts from malicious IPs
  3. Enter the name of the IP Zones you'd like to allow list from Okta ThreatInsight.
  4. Click Save.