Okta MFA Credential Provider for Windows Version History

This page lists current and past versions of the Okta MFA Credential Provider for Windows. This page is updated whenever a new version of the agent is released to General Availability (GA) or Early Access (EA). 

For installation information, see Okta MFA Credential Provider for Windows. For information on enabling TLS 1.2 in .NET and in Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, see Okta ends browser support for TLS 1.1.


Current GA Version


Current EA Version 1.3.1

Released Versions




.NET Version

1.3.3 GA

GA release including bug fixes and security enhancements



1.3.1 GA GA release including security enhancements 2021.6.10 4.6
1.3.1 EA release including security enhancements 2020.10.1 4.6
1.3.0 EA release including support for Windows Server 2019 2020.08.0 4.6
1.2.4 EA release including general bug fixes and hardening around certain vulnerability issues. 2020.02.0 4.6
1.2.3 EA release including fix for a white pixel in the Okta logo. 2020.01.0 4.6
1.2.2 EA release including bug fixes and addition of self server password reset. 2019.45 4.6
1.1.4 GA General bug fixes and improvements 2019.06.01 4.6
1.1.3 GA General bug fixes 2018.49 4.6
1.1.2 EA TLS 1.2 support 2018.13 4.6
1.1.1 EA Initial Version 2018.11 4.6