Set error handling for cards in Flows

You can set values for error handling on most cards in Workflows.

  1. Click the Other options gear icon on a card and select Error handling.
  2. In the Retry dropdown, select a value for the number of times to re-execute a card if an error occurs. The default is 0 times.
  3. In the After dropdown, select a value for the amount of time that the card will pause between retries. You may need to select a period of several minutes if a card produces an error often because an application is unavailable and more time is needed to ensure you can resume the Flow without further interruption. The default is 1 minute.
  4. In the Then dropdown, select an option for what the card must do if it fails to execute. The options are Halt Flow, Return Values, or Run another Flow.
    • Halt Flow: Stop the Flow with an error.
    • Return Values: Stop the Flow with an error but send a custom message to the caller (if any when it's part of an API Endpoint Flow ). You can add fields or custom fields and enter values or drag and drop outputs from earlier stages in the Flow.
    • Run another Flow: Stop the Flow with an error, but run a child Flow. If your child Flow accepts inputs, call a Flow by clicking Choose Flow and selecting a child flow from the Select flow dialog. The Flow that's called will be able to get the error details using the Error output field on the child Flow card. See About scheduled and child Flows.