Create Envelope

Create an envelope in DocuSign.

Required fields are indicated in red.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all fields are text.


  • Accounts (drop-down): choose from available DocuSign accounts
  • Templates (drop-down): choose from available templates



  • Authoritative Copy (true/false): whether the document is the authoritative copy
  • Brand ID (drop-down): ID of the brand
  • Message Lock (true/false): whether the message is locked
  • Allow Markup (true/false): whether markup is allowed
  • Allow Comments (true/false): whether comments are allowed
  • Allow Reassign (true/false): whether the envelope can be reassigned
  • Allow View History (true/false): whether the envelope history can be viewed


  • Reminder Delay (number): number of days to wait after creating the envelope before sending first reminder
  • Reminder Enabled (true/false): whether reminders are enabled
  • Reminder Frequency (number): frequency (in days) to send additional reminders after the first


  • Expiration Enabled (true/false): whether expiration is enabled
  • Expire After (number): number of days after which the envelope expires
  • Expire Warn (number): number of days before envelope expires to send an expiration warning


  • Envelope ID: unique ID of the envelope
  • URI: URI that contains the user ID
  • Status: envelope status; one of: completed, created, declined, delivered, sent, signed, or voided
  • Status Date Time: date and time the envelope changed status

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