List Groups

Retrieve a list of groups in a DocuSign account.

Required fields are indicated in red.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all fields are text.


Accounts (drop-down): choose from available DocuSign accounts


This card requires no input.


Groups (list): list of groups in the DocuSign account

  • Group ID: unique ID of the group

  • Group Name: name of the group

  • Group Type: type of group, can be one of these: adminstrators, everyone, customGroup, or sharedSigningGroup

  • Permission Profile ID: unique ID of the permission profile associated with the group, can be one of these: 2301416 (for the DocuSign Viewer profile), 2301415 (for the DocuSign Sender profile), or 2301414 (for the Account Administrator profile)

  • User Count: total number of users in the group

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