Search Envelope

Search an envelope in DocuSign.

Required fields are indicated in red.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all fields are text.


  • Accounts(drop-down): choose from available DocuSign accounts
  • Result Set (drop-down): choose whether the search returns First Matching Record or All Matching Records


  • From Date (date and time): date and time to start searching for matching envelopes
  • Email: match envelopes sent by existing account with this email address; must also specify Username
  • Username: match envelopes sent by existing account with this username; must also specify Email
  • User ID: ID of the user who created the envelopes
  • Status (drop-down): choose from available statuses
  • Folder ID (drop-down): choose from available folders
  • Order By (drop-down): choose an available order


  • Envelope ID: unique ID of the envelope
  • Email Subject: subject of the email sent to all recipients
  • Envelope URI: URI for retrieving the envelope
  • Created Date Time: UTC date and time the envelope was created

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