Create User

Create a new user profile within your Dropbox instance.

Unless otherwise indicated, field type is text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk on the Action Card.

Input Fields


  • Email: email address of the new user

  • First Name: first name of the new user

  • Last Name: last name of the new user

  • External ID: external identifier that can be attached to the new user profile

  • Persistent ID: persistent identifier for a new user. Persistent ID is only available to teams with persistent ID SAML configuration.

  • Send Welcome ID? (true/false): option to send a welcome email to the new user

  • Role: type of role that is assigned to the new user. Options include Member Only, Support Admin, User Management Admin, and Team Admin.

  • Is Directory Restricted? (true/false): indicates whether a team directory is hidden from the new user

Output Fields

  • User ID: unique identifier for the new user profile that is generated by your Dropbox instance

  • Tag: tag or designation for the new user that is generated by your Dropbox instance

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