Remove User

Delete a user profile from your Dropbox instance.

Unless otherwise indicated, field type is text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk on the Action Card.



  • User ID: unique identifier of the user profile that you will delete


  • Wipe Data?(True/False): option to permanently delete all information related to the user profile

  • Transfer to User ID: unique identifier to which the user profile and related information can be transferred

  • Send Alerts to User ID: unique identifier of a team member to which an alert should be sent about the deleted user profile

  • Keep Account?(True/False): option to preserve the account that is linked to the deleted user profile



The Keep Account? option is applicable only to a user who accepted an invitation and activated their account manually via email link. If a user doesn't activate their account by accepting an email invitation, then the Keep Account? option has no effect.

  • Retain Team Shares?(True/False): option to preserve all files that are shared between the deleted user profile and other team members


  • Status Code: success or failure of your HTTP request. Here is a list of all status codes.

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