Add User to Organization

Add a user to an organization in GitHub.


To use this action card in a Flow, you must set up SAML support for your app in your GitHub instance. You must also be the owner of the organization.


  • Organization (dropdown): organizations in GitHub


  • User

    • SCIM userName: unique identifier assigned to the user by you

    • Given Name: first name of the user

    • Family Name: last name of the user

    • Email: email address of the user

    • Email Type: email address type; for example, work


  • Result

    • SCIM User ID: unique identifier generated by the GitHub SCIM endpoint

    • External ID: unique identifier that's generated by the SAML provider and matched against a GitHub user

    • Is Active?: indicates whether the identity is active (true) or should be deprovisioned (false)

    • Location: city-specific location of the user