Add User to Repository

Add a user to a repository in GitHub.


Field Definition Type Required
Username Username for the user; can be an login or username; for example firstlastname-okta. String TRUE
Permission Permissions available to team members; options are Pull, Pull and Push, or Pull, Push and Administer. Dropdown TRUE
Owner Username of the repository owner; if the repository is personal, then enter a username; if the repository is organization-owned, then enter the name of the organization. String TRUE
Name Name of the repository. String TRUE

If a user already has access to the repository but is not a member (for example, an organization owner), they will be added as a collaborator in the repository.


Field Definition Type
Invitation ID Invitation_id_parameter value for the user invitation. Number
Invitee Username of the invited user. String
Inviter Username of the creator of the invitation. String
Permissions Permissions available to team members. String
Created At Date and time when the invitation was created. Date & Time
Invitation URL URL of the invitation for the new user. String
Status Code Success or failure of your HTTP request; here is a list of all status codes. Number

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