Add User to Repository

Add a user to a repository in GitHub.

Unless otherwise indicated, field type is text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.


  • User

    • Username: username for the user; can be an login or username; for example firstlastname-okta

    • Permission (dropdown): permissions available to team members; options are Pull, Pull and Push, or Pull, Push and Administer

  • Repository

    • Owner: username of the repository owner; if the repository is personal, then enter a username; if the repository is organization-owned, then enter the name of the organization

    • Name: name of the repository


If a user already has access to the repository but is not a member (for example, an organization owner), they will be added as a collaborator in the repository.


  • Result

    • Invitation ID: invitation_id_parameter value for the user invitation

    • Invitee: username of the invited user

    • Inviter: username of the creater of the invitation

    • Permissions: permissions available to team members

    • Created At: date and time when the invitation was created

    • Invitation URL: URL of the invitation for the new user

    • Status Code (number): success or failure of your HTTP request; here is a list of all status codes