Move Event

Move an event in your Google Calendar account.


Field Definition Type Required
Calendar A dropdown list of your available calendars from which to move a calendar event. Dropdown TRUE
Move Move a specific event by its ID or move all events from a specific calendar to a different calendar. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Event ID Unique identifier of the event. You can use the identifier of a parent or child event. String TRUE
Destination Calendar ID Unique identifier of the calendar to which the event or events will be moved. Dropdown TRUE
Send Updates

Guests who should receive notifications about the event update (for example, title changes); options are:

  • All: Notifications are sent to all guests
  • External Only: Notifications are sent to non-Google Calendar guests only
  • None: No notifications are sent
Dropdown FALSE


Field Definition Type
Status Code Success or failure of your HTTP request; here is a list of all status codes. Number

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