Read All Calendars

Read all calendars in your Google Calendar account.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Calendars List

    • Calendar Etag: ETag of the resource.

    • Calendar ID: Calendar identifier.

    • Summary: Title of the calendar.

    • Time Zone (date): Time zone in the format:

      • UTC+-HH

      • GMT+-HH

      • CEST+-HH (Central European Summer Time)

      • EEST+-HH (Eastern European Summer Time)

    • Color ID: The color of the calendar.

    • Background Color: The main color of the calendar in the hexadecimal format #0088aa.

    • Foreground Color: The foreground color of the calendar in the hexadecimal format #ffffff.

    • Selected: Whether the calendar content shows up in the calendar UI.

    • Access Role: The effective access role that the authenticated user has on the calendar. Possible values are:

      • freeBusyReader: Provides read access to free/busy information.

      • reader: Provides read access to the calendar. Private events will appear to users with reader access, but event details will be hidden.

      • writer: Provides read and write access to the calendar. Private events will appear to users with writer access, and event details will be visible.

      • owner: Provides ownership of the calendar.

    • Default Reminders:

      • Method: The method used by this reminder. Possible values are email and popup.

      • Minutes: Number of minutes before the start of the event when the reminder should trigger. Valid values are between 0 and 40320 (4 weeks in minutes).

    • Notification Settings:

      • Type: The type of notification. Possible values are:

        • eventCreation: Notification sent when a new event is put on the calendar.

        • eventChange: Notification sent when an event is changed.

        • eventCancellation: Notification sent when an event is canceled.

        • eventResponse: Notification sent when an attendee responds to the event invitation.

        • agenda: An agenda with the events of the day (sent out in the morning).

      • Method: The method used to deliver the notification. The possible value is email.

    • Primary: Whether the calendar is the primary calendar of the authenticated user.

    • Conference Properties

      • Allowed Conference Solution Types: The types of conference solutions that are supported for this calendar. The possible values are eventHangout, eventNamedHangout, hangoutsMeet.

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