Add Address to User

Add an address to G Suite user.

Unless otherwise indicated, all field types are text.


  • User

    • User ID: unique identifier of the user
  • Address

    • Street: street portion of the user’s address

    • PO Box: user’s post office box

    • City: user’s city of residence

    • Region: user’s geographic region

    • Postal Code: zip or postal code of the user’s address

    • Country: user’s country of residence

    • Country Code: telephone prefix for user’s country of residence (ISO 3166-1 standard)

    • Extended Address: extended fields for addresses that includes a sub-region

    • Formatted Address: formatted version of the address

    • Type (drop-down)

      • home

      • work

      • custom

      • other

    • Custom Type: required, user defined value if address type selection is custom

    • Primary? (true/false): indicator if this is the user's primary address

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