Add Organization to User

Add Organization details to a Google Workspace user.


Field Definition Type Required
User ID Unique identifier of the user String TRUE
Organization Name Name of the organization String TRUE
Description Description of the organization String FALSE
Department Department in the organization that the user is associated with (for example, sales or engineering) String FALSE
Job Title User's title in the organization (for example, member or engineer) String FALSE
Location Physical location of the organization (this is not required to be an address) String FALSE
Symbol Text string symbol of the organization (for example, Google's symbol is GOOG) String FALSE
Cost Center Cost center of the user's organization String FALSE
Domain Domain that the organization belongs to String FALSE

Type of organization:

  • domain_only

  • school

  • work

  • unknown

String FALSE
Primary? Indicates whether this is the user's primary organization Boolean FALSE


Field Definition Type
Status Code Success or failure of your HTTP request; here is a list of all status codes Number

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