Perform Device Action

Perform an action on a device in Google Workspace.


Field Definition Type Required
User Device
Resource ID unique identifier that the API service uses to identify the mobile device String TRUE

Remotely Wipes all Google Workspace Data from Device: remotely wipes only Google Workspace data from the device.

Remotely Wipes All Data from Device: remotely wipes all data on the device.

Approve the Device: approves the device; if you've enabled device activation, devices that register after the device activation setting is enabled will need to be approved before they can start syncing with your domain. Enabling device activation forces the device user to install the Device Policy app to sync with Google Workspace.

Block Access to Google Workspace Data: blocks access to Google Workspace data (mail, calendar, and contacts) on the device. The user can still access their mail, calendar, and contacts from a desktop computer or mobile browser.

Cancel Remote Wipe Then Activate: cancels a remote wipe of the device and then reactivates it.

Cancel Remote Wipe Then Block: cancels a remote wipe of the device and then blocks it.

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type
Status Code Success or failure of your HTTP request; here is a list of all status codes Number

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