Read All User Devices

Read all user devices in G Suite.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk on the Action Card.


Read By

  • Email: device owner's primary email addresses

Output Fields


  • Mobile Devices

    • Device ID: Google Sync mobile device's serial number

    • Name: device owner's user names

    • Etag: ETag of the resource

    • Kind: type of API resource; for mobile devices, the value is admin#directory#mobiledevice.

    • Resource ID: unique identifier that the API service uses to identify the mobile device

    • Model: mobile device's model name; for example, Nexus S.

    • OS: mobile device's operating system; for example, iOS 4.3 or Android 2.3.5.

    • Status: mobile device's status

      • ACCOUNT_WIPED: a remote wipe removes the account to which the device belongs.

      • ACCOUNT_WIPING: the account to which the device belongs is being remotely wiped.

      • APPROVED: device is approved

      • BLOCKED: a blocked device still shows up in the Admin console's Devices tab, but the user cannot access G Suite data such as mail and calendar from the device. Even though blocked on the mobile device, this user can still access the G Suite services from a desktop computer. A user must be suspended from all G Suite access to be blocked.

      • PENDING: device's approval is pending. If the device has not been approved by an account administrator and therefore is not activated, a newly added device's status is PENDING.

      • UNKNOWN: status of the device is unknown.

      • UNPROVISIONED: this is the default state. If a domain does require a device to be activated, the device starts in this status until provisioning is completed.

      • WIPED: A remote wipe removes all device-based data like mail, calendar, and contacts from the device, but it may not delete data stored on the device's SD card. A user's G Suite data remains available through a web browser or other authorized mobile device. Once the content has been deleted, the device's settings are reset to its defaults.

      • WIPING: The device is being remotely wiped. For Android and iOS devices, the device usually receives the remote wipe command within a few seconds. However, sometimes the command doesn't reach the device right away, so the Device Policy app checks the server every three hours for a wipe command. Therefore, the maximum time before the device is wiped is about 3 hours, or when the device reconnects to the network.

    • Email: device owner's primary email addresses

    • Hardware ID: IMEI/MEID unique identifier for Android hardware; not applicable to Google Sync devices.

    • First Sync: date and time the device was initially synchronized with the policy settings in the Admin console; the value is in ISO 8601 date and time format.

    • Last Sync: date and time the device was last synchronized with the policy settings in the Admin console; the value is in ISO 8601 date and time format.

    • User Agent: provides information about the device such as OS version

    • Serial Number: mobile device's serial number

    • IMEI: mobile device's IMEI number

    • MEID: mobile device's MEID number

    • WiFi MAC Address: mobile device's MAC address on Wi-Fi networks

    • Network Operator: mobile device's mobile or network operator

    • Default Language: default language used on the device

    • Compromised Status: compromised device status

      • Compromise detected: there are indications the mobile device has been compromised, such as, the presence of an unlocked bootloader, use of a custom ROM, or the presence of a 'SU (Superuser) binary' on the device.

      • No compromise detected: no compromise has been detected on the device.

      • Undetected: status of the device is unknown.

    • OS Build Number: build number for the mobile device's operating system

    • Kernel Version: mobile device's kernel version

    • Baseband Version: mobile device's baseband version

    • Is Owner Profile?: indicates whether this account is on owner/primary profile or not.

    • Is Unknown Sources Enabled?: indicates whether unknown sources are enabled or disabled on device

    • Is Adb Enabled?: indicates whether Adb (USB debugging) is enabled or disabled on device

    • Is Developer Options Enabled?: indicates whether developer options are enabled or disabled on device

    • Is Work Profile Supported?: indicates whether work profile is supported on device

    • Manufacturer: mobile device's manufacturer

    • Release Version: mobile device's release version

    • Security Patch Level: mobile device's security patch level

    • Brand: mobile device's brand

    • Bootloader Version: mobile device's bootloader version

    • Hardware: mobile device's hardware

    • Encryption Status: mobile device's encryption status

    • Password Status: mobile device's password status

      • Off

      • On

      • Unknown

    • DM Agent Permission: role to which permissions are granted for device management

      • Device administrator

      • Device owner

      • Profile owner

      • Undetected