Search Groups

Search for a group in G Suite.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.


  • Result Set (dropdown):

    • First Matching Record: first group record that matches search criteria

    • All Matching Records: all group records that match search criteria


  • Group:

    • Name: name of the group

    • Email: email associated with the group


  • Response

    • Groups

      • ID: group's unique identifier

      • Name: group's name

      • Email: group's email address

      • Description: detailed description of the group's purpose

      • Direct Members Count: number of users that are direct members of the group; if a group is a member (a child) of this group (the parent), then members of the child group are not counted

      • Admin Created: value is true if this group was created by an administrator rather than a user; otherwise, false

      • Kind: type of the API resource; for Groups resources, the value is admin#directory#group

      • Etag: ETag of the resource

      • Aliases: list of the group's alias email addresses

      • Noneditable Aliases: list of the group's non-editable alias email addresses that are outside of the account's primary domain or subdomains