Search User

Search for a user in G Suite.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Return

    • First matching user: first user record to match search criteria

    • All matching users: all user records that match search criteria

Search By

  • User

    • Name: name of the user

    • Email: email address of the user

    • First Name: user's first name

    • Last Name: user's last name

    • Primary Email: user's primary email address (must be unique and cannot be an alias of another user)

    • Notes: notes for the user

    • Is Admin?(boolean): indicator if the user has super admininistrator privileges (this field can only be edited in the Make User Admin action)

    • Is Delegated Admin?(boolean): indicator if the user is a delegated administrator. Delegated administrators are supported by the API but cannot create or undelete users, or make users administrators. These requests are ignored by the API service. Roles and privileges for administrators are assigned using the Admin console.

    • IM Network ID: user's IM accounts (user may have multiple IM accounts, but only one primary)

    • Extenal ID: value of the ID

    • Manager Email: email address of the user's manager

    • Direct Manager Email: email address of the user's direct manager

    • Direct Manager ID: unique identifier of the user's direct manager

    • Address: user's address

    • Street: street portion of the user’s address

    • PO Box: user’s post office box

    • City: user’s city of residence

    • Region: user’s geographic region

    • Postal Code: zip or postal code of the user’s address

    • Country: user’s country of residence

    • Organization Name: name of the organization

    • Department: department in the organization that the user is associated with (for example, sales or engineering)

    • Description: description of the organization

    • Cost Center: cost center of the user's organization

    • Phone: phone number of the organization

    • Parent Organization Path: full path of the parent organization associated with the user (if the parent organization is the top-level, it is represented as a forward slash)

    • Is Enrolled in 2SV?(boolean): indicator if user enrolled in 2-step verification

    • Is Enforced in 2SV?(boolean): indicator if user is 2-step verification enforced

    • Custom Schema Name: custom schema for the user

    • Custom Field Name: custom fields for the user

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