Create Folder

Create a new folder for your Google Drive to store documents. The folder can also be placed within a parent folder.


Field Definition Type Required
Name Name for your folder String TRUE
Description Description of your folder String FALSE
Parent Folder ID

To create a folder within another folder (or nested folder), there are two methods to get the parent folder ID or location for the card:

  • Copy the end of the URL into the card to get the parent folder ID. For example, if the link was, copy and paste the bolded region after the slash as the Parent Folder ID.
  • You can also search for the folder to get the ID. Create a form which asks for the name of the parent folder, and then with a Search Folders action card return the Folder ID. This ID can then be used as the Parent Folder ID in the Create Folder card.
String FALSE

Indicates whether or not a folder is starred in your drive

Boolean FALSE
Writers Can Share

Indicates whether or not other people can share material

Boolean FALSE


Field Definition Type
Folder ID ID of the new folder; If the folder is nested, then it is in the requested folder location.  
Folder name

Name of the new folder


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