Create Permission

Create a permission for a file in Google Drive.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.


  • Permission Type (dropdown): The type of user, group, domain, or Google Drive user who can interact with the specified document.

    • Options:

      • User

      • Group

      • Domain

      • Anyone

  • Permission Role (dropdown): The level of permissions the user, group, domain or "anyone" can have with the specified document.

    • Options:

      • Owner

      • Can Edit

      • Can Comment

      • Can View


  • File

    • File ID: Unique ID of the file that you want to create the specific permissions
  • Permission

    • Email Address: Email address of the individual who is having permissions created for.

    • Email Message: A custom message to include in notification emails about the permissions and document that were shared.

    • Transfer Ownership (true/false): Whether changing a role to 'owner' downgrades the current owners to writers. Does nothing if the specified role is not 'owner'. Default is false.

    • Allow File Discovery (true/false): Indicates whether the file will be discoverable or not.

    • Domain: The user's domain.


  • Permission

    • Permission ID (type): The current user's ID as visible in the permissions collection.

    • Share Link (URL): Url directly to the link that will pull up the file inside GoogleDrive, but is the share link for the user or group shared to the file with the permission set.

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