Read File Info

Read metadata information about a file.


Field Definition Type Required
File ID

Unique ID of the file. The ID of a file can be found by navigating to the Google Drive web. Right-click on the file and select get sharable link. The File ID is the last part of that link, after id=. Example: Make sure to select the entire ID (about 20 characters long).

Alternatively, use the Search Files action card to find the file by name. The Search Files card has a File ID output field that can be dragged into this input field.

String TRUE


Field Definition Type
File Name Name of the file String
Description Description of the file String
  • True: A file has a "Starred" label applied to it
  • False: A file does not have a "Starred" label applied to it
Parent Item ID Provides a list output for all of the parent folders inside of which the file you read information exists List of Text
Web View Link URL directly to the link that will pull up the file inside Google Drive String
Created Time Date when the file was created String
Modified Time Date when the file was last modified String
Last Modified User Name of the user who last modified the file String
Shared Indicates whether the file is shared and accessible or not Boolean
Owner Name of the person who owns the file String
Editors List of names of people who have edit access to the file List of Text
Viewers List of names of people who have viewer access to the file List of Text
Commenters List of names of people who have comment access to the file List of Text
Allow File Discovery Whether the file is discoverable or not via search inside Google Drive Boolean
Writers Can Share Whether the people with write access can share the file Boolean
Viewers Can Download Whether viewers can download the file Boolean

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