Search Folders

Find a single folder within your Google Drive environment.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.


Not all of the fields are mandatory. Most often the search will only contain the Name field. But if you want to limit the search to more specific folders, then use more inputs to limit the scope of the search.

IMPORTANT: This action only returns one folder result, even if more than one result would technically fit the inputs chosen.

  • Search By

    • Name: Name of the folder

    • Starred(True/False): "True" or "False" are the accepted inputs.

      • True: A folder that has a "Starred" label applied to it.

      • False: A folder does not have a "Starred" label applied to it

    • Trashed(True/False): "True" or "False" are the accepted inputs.

      • True: A folder that has been Trashed.

      • False: A folder that has not been Trashed.

    • Parent Folder ID: The unique ID of the parent folder inside of which the folder you are searching for should exist.

    • Owners (list): Name of the persons who own the folder.

    • Writers (list): List of names of people who have edit access to the folder.

    • Readers (list): List of names of people who have viewer access to the folder.

Note: If you don't select a search criteria or leave input fields empty, the search results will return the first folder in your Google Drive instance only.


  • File

    • Folder Name: Name of the folder, if found.

    • Folder ID: Unique ID of the folder, if found.

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