File Created

Trigger a Flow when a new file is created in or added to Google Drive.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all fields are text.


The first step to using this card is selecting the folder to watch for new files created. There are two ways to pick a folder:

  • Select a Folder Name from the Drop Down Menu

    1. Create the folder in Google Drive and give it a name.

    2. Create the File Created card for Google Drive in {{< brand >}}.

    3. Scroll search and select the folder name.

    4. Leave the Folder ID field blank.

  • Input the Folder ID

    1. Create the folder in Google Drive.

    2. Navigate to the folder in Google Drive.

    3. Copy the Folder ID found in the URL. This is everything that comes after folder/ in the URL. For example, if the URL was "", then the Folder ID would be "1dyUEebJaFnWa3Z4n0BFMVAXQ7mfUH11g".

    4. Create the File Created card for Google Drive in {{< brand >}}.

    5. Select "-- Use Folder ID --" for the Folder option.

    6. Input the Folder ID from Google Drive into the Folder ID field in {{< brand >}}.


  • File

    • File Name: name of the file

    • File ID: unique ID of the file

    • Folder (list): option to select folder to insert file in

    • Description: description of the file

    • Starred(True/False): whether the file is starred

    • Parent Item ID (list): output for all of the parent folders inside of which the file that created this workflow exists

    • Version: monotonically increasing version number for the file, this reflects every change made to the file on the server, even those not visible to the requesting user

    • Web View Link (URL): url for the link that will pull up the folder inside Google Drive

    • Created Time(date - iso format): date when the file was created

    • Modified Time (date - iso format): date when the file was last modified

    • Last Modified User: name of the user who last modified the file

  • Permissions

    • Shared (true/false): whether the file is shared and accessible

    • Owner: name of the person who owns the file

    • Editors (list): names of people who have edit access to the file

    • Viewers (list): names of people who have viewer access to the file

    • Commenters (list): names of people who have comment access to the file

    • Allow File Discovery (true/false): whether the file is discoverable through search inside Google Drive

    • Writers Can Share (true/false): whether the people with write access can share the file

    • Viewers Can Download (true/false): whether views can download this file

  • Context

    • Execution ID: unique identifier associated with the execution of the Flow

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