Folder Updated

Trigger a Flow when a folder is updated in or added to Google Drive.

Required fields are indicated in red.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all fields are text.

Output Fields

  • Folder

    • Folder Name: name of the folder

    • Folder ID: unique ID of the folder

    • Description (text): description of the folder

    • Starred(True/False): whether the folder is starred

    • Parent Item ID (list): output for all of the parent folders inside of which the folder that created this workflow exists

    • Version: monotonically increasing version number for the folder, this reflects every change made to the folder on the server, even those not visible to the requesting user

    • Web View Link (URL): url for the link that will pull up the folder inside Google Drive

    • Created Time(date - iso format): date when the folder was created

    • Modified Time (date - iso format): date when the folder was last modified

    • Capabilities (list): capabilities the folder has

    • Last Modified User: name of the user who last modified the folder

  • **Permissions **

    • Shared (true/false): whether the folder is shared and accessible

    • Owner: name of the person who owns the folder

    • Editors (list): names of people who have edit access to the folder

    • Viewers (list): ames of people who have viewer access to the folder

    • Commenters (list): names of people who have comment access to the folder

    • Allow File Discovery (true/false): whether the folder is discoverable through search inside Google Drive

    • Writers Can Share (true/false): whether the people with write access can share the folder

  • Context

    • Execution ID (text): unique identifier associated with the execution of the Flow