Read All Rows

Gets the values in all of the rows of a Google Sheet, starting with row 2 (assuming column headers are in row 1).


  • Spreadsheet (dropdown list): a list of the Google Sheets to which the selected account has access

  • Worksheets (dropdown list): a list of the different worksheets or tabs contained in the chosen spreadsheet.




  • Rows: (a list of objects) Returns a list of row values, starting in row 2, where each row object includes "Row Number" (a number starting with 2) followed by "Columns" which subkeys for each column name in the format of a number (starting with 0 for column A) then a hyphen then the column header taken from the value in row 1. You can pass this list to any of the List functions to process it (e.g. Sort By or {{< function_link list each >}}).

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