Search Column

Search a Google Sheet by one column for a specific term. NOTE: If there is a blank cell in between two values in the column you are searching within, this action will only search for values above that blank cell. We recommend making sure the column you are searching in Flows has a value in every row, even if it is 0, so that this action will search the entire column.


  • Spreadsheet(dropdown): The spreadsheet on which you are searching

  • Worksheet(dropdown): The worksheet/tab of the spreadsheet on which you are searching


You can search by any value in any column of your spreadsheet.

  • fields

    • search_value(text): the value by which you are searching the column

    • column(number): the number of the column by which you are searching. For example, if you are searching column A, the input for this field will be 1.


  • fields

    • row number(number): the row number at which the value you searched by was found. This action will return the first row at which the value is found, not a list if there are duplicates of that value in the sheet. If the value is not found within the column, the output will be blank

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