Search Column

Search one column in a Google Sheet for a specific term. Be sure that the column you are searching has a value in every cell (even if it is 0); the search stops if it encounters a blank cell.


Field Definition Type Required
Spreadsheet List of spreadsheets in your Google Sheets account Dropdown TRUE
Worksheets List of worksheets in the spreadsheet Dropdown TRUE
Column to Search List of columns in the worksheet Dropdown TRUE
Result Set

Choose First Matching Row or All Matching Rows

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Search Term Value that you want to search for in the column String FALSE


Field Definition Type
Row Number Location number of the first row where the value was found (if the value is not found in the column, this field will return null). Returned when First Matching Row is selected in Result Set. Number
Rows A list containing the row numbers where the value was found. Returned when All Matching Rows is selected in Result Set. List

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