When you add a HubSpot CRM card to a flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to configure the connection. You'll be able to connect your HubSpot CRM account, save your account information, and reuse the connection in new flows that include HubSpot CRM. The HubSpot CRM connector uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol.


While you can create multiple connections and manage them from your Connections page, you can create only one connection per user account within your org.

To create a new connection from a card or the Connections page:

  1. Click New Connection.

  2. Enter a Connection Nickname. This is useful if you plan to create multiple HubSpot CRM connections to share with your team.

  3. Click Create. The HubSpot CRM account log in window appears.

  4. Enter your email address and password for your HubSpot CRM account, then click Log In.

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