Search Lists

Search one or more lists in Marketo.

Required fields are indicated in red.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all fields are text.


  • Result Set (drop down): choose from whether the search applies to the First Matching List or All Matching Lists

Input Fields

  • List Names (list): names of lists

  • Program Names (list): names of programs associated with the lists

  • Workspace Names (list): names of specific workspace groups, often used for international purposes, see [Marketo API Docs]


Output Fields

  • List ID (number): identification number associated with list

  • Name: name/title of the program

  • Description: description of the program, if any, maximum 2000 characters

  • Program Name: name of the program the list is in

  • Workspace Name: name of the workspace the list is shared with

  • Created At (date & time): date when the campaign was created

  • Updated At (date & time): most recent date when the campaign was updated