Get Licenses

Get the list of commercial subscriptions or licenses (SKUs) that an Office 365 organization has acquired. Click here for a list of all available licenses, products, product names, and plan names.


Field Definition Type


Applies To The resource to which the SKU is applicable; for example, User or Company. String
Capability Status The capability status of the SKU; for example, Enabled. String
Consumed Units The number of licenses that have been assigned. Number
Id The unique identifier for the subscribed SKU object. String
Name The product name that corresponds with the SKU Part Number. See Product names. String
Prepaid Units Information about the number and status of prepaid licenses. Object
Service Plans Information about the service plans that are available with the SKU. List of objects
SKU Id The unique identifier (GUID) for the service SKU. String
SKU Part Number The SKU part number; for example: AAD_PREMIUM or RMSBASIC. String

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