Get Licenses

Get the list of commercial subscriptions or licenses (SKUs) that an Office 365 organization has acquired. Click here for a list of all available licenses, products, product names, and plan names.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Output

    • Licenses (list of objects)

      • Applies To: The resource to which the SKU is applicable; for example, User or Company.

      • Capability Status: The capability status of the SKU; for example, Enabled.

      • Consumed Units (number): The number of licenses that have been assigned.

      • Id: The unique identifier for the subscribed SKU object.

      • Name: The product name that corresponds with the SKU Part Number. See Product names.

      • Prepaid Units (object): Information about the number and status of prepaid licenses.

      • Service Plans (list of objects): Information about the service plans that are available with the SKU.

      • SKU Id: The unique identifier (GUID) for the service SKU.

      • SKU Part Number: The SKU part number; for example: AAD_PREMIUM or RMSBASIC.

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