List Users Assigned to an App

List all assigned users for an app.

Required fields are indicated in red.

The output fields in this card are dynamically generated based on your instance.


  • Application(dropdown): Choose an app from which you want to remove the user. Choose Enter Application ID to select an app by its ID.

Note: The dropdown only displays 1000 apps and 2000 app instances.



  • Users

    • Profile Properties

      • Formatted(text):

      • Name(text): The user's full name.

      • Nickname(text): The user's nickname.

      • Given Name(text): The user's first name.

      • Middle Name(text): The user's middle name.

      • Family Name(text): The user's last name or family name.

      • Email(text): The user's primary email.

      • Profile Url(text): The URL of the user's online profile or a web page.

      • Picture Url(text): The URL of the user's online picture.

      • Website(text): The URL of the user's website.

      • Gender(text): The user's gender.

      • Birthdate(text): The user's birthdate.

      • Time Zone(text): The user's time zone.

      • Locale Name(text): The user's default location for purposes of localizing items like currency, date/time format, and numerical representations.

      • Phone Number(text): The user's primary phone number.

      • Street Address(text): The full street address component of user's address.

      • Locality(text): The locality component of the user's address.

      • Region(text): The region component of the user's address.

      • Postal Code(text): The zip code or postal code component of user's address.

      • Country(text): The country component of the user's address.

    • System Properties

      • User ID(text): Unique identification of the user.

      • External ID(text): External identification of the user.

      • Created(text): Timestamp when the user was created.

      • Last Updated(text): Timestamp when the user was last updated.

      • Scope(text): The scope of the user.

      • Status(text): The current status of the user.

      • Status Changed(text): Timestamp when the user's status was changed.

      • Password Changed(text): Timestamp when the user's password was changed.

      • Sync State(text): The current sync state of the user.

      • Last Sync(text): Timestamp when the last sync happened.

      • Credentials

        • Username(text): The user's username.

        • Password(text): The user's password.

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