Search Groups

Search groups with a query. The query performs a starts with match against the name value of the groups. You can either display the first record that matches or a list of all of the matching records (up to 300). See Search Groups for more information on searching groups.


Field Definition Type Required

Result Set

  • First Matching Record - Returns the first record that matches.
  • All Matching Records - Returns all matching records as a list.
Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Query The query string used to find groups by name. For example, to search for groups related to sales, enter a query value of sales. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
First Matching Record
Raw Body The raw payload returned from the Okta API. Object
ID The ID of the group in Okta. String
Created The timestamp when the group was created. Date & Time
Last Updated The timestamp of the last group update. Date & Time
Last Membership Updated The timestamp of the last update to the group's membership. String
Object Class The determiner of the group's profile. list of text
Type How the group's profile and memberships are managed; this is one of: OKTA_GROUP, APP_GROUP, or BUILT_IN. String


Name The name of the group. String
Description The description of the group. String
All Matching Records
Groups A list of all matching groups with a payload similar to above. list of objects

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