Read User

Access information on a user profile in your PagerDuty instance.

Unless otherwise indicated, field type is text.



  • User ID: The unique identifier of the user profile.



  • Name: The user's name.

  • Email: The user's email address.

  • Timezone: The timezone where the user resides.

  • URL: The user profile's unique URL in the web application.

  • Role: Specific role within a user's role type. Role can be admin, limited_user, observer, owner, read_only_user, restricted_access, read_only_limited_user, or user.

  • Description: Information on how to reset a password that's sent to a user along with the URL for password reset.

  • Invitation Sent (true/false): The date and time when an email for a password reset was sent to an email address associated with a new user.

  • Job Title: The user's job title.

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