Create User

Create a new user in Salesforce.


Field Definition Type Required
First Name first name of user String TRUE
Last Name last name of user String TRUE
Username user's unique login, in the form of an email address String TRUE
Email email address of user String TRUE
Profile Name user’s base-level permissions in Salesforce Dropdown TRUE
Role Name user's position in the organization Dropdown FALSE
Alias short name to identify the user on pages where the entire name does not fit (if no value is provided, alias is generated based on the Username, trimmed to eight characters) String FALSE
Nickname name used to identify user in a community String FALSE
Title user's job title String FALSE
Email Encoding character set and encoding for outbound email sent by user, defaulted to Unicode (UTF-8) Dropdown FALSE
Locale user's country or geographic region, defaulted to en_US (locales supported by Salesforce can be found here) String FALSE
Language user's primary language Dropdown TRUE
Mobile Phone user's cellular or mobile phone number String FALSE
Phone user's phone number String FALSE
Street user's street address String FALSE
City city portion of user’s address String FALSE
State/Province state or province portion of user’s address String FALSE
Country country portion of user's address String FALSE
Zip/Postal Code zip code or postal code portion of user’s address String FALSE
Employee Number unique identification number for the user String FALSE
Company Name name of the user's company String FALSE
Division division of the company (for example, PC Sales Group) String FALSE
Department department or group in the company (for example, Customer Support) String FALSE
Manager ID unique identifier of user's manager String FALSE
Permission Set Names array of permission set names you can grant to the user List of text FALSE
Permission Set Groups Names array of permission set groups names you can grant to the user List of text FALSE
Public Group Names array of public group names you can assign the user to List of text FALSE
Feature License Names array of feature licenses you can grant to the user (feature licenses provide access to features not included in the user license) List of text FALSE
Federation ID user's unique identification for federation across multiple apps String FALSE
Time Zone primary time zone in which the user works, defaulted to (GMT-07:00) Pacific Daylight Time (America/Los_Angeles) Dropdown FALSE

Dynamically generated custom fields



Field Definition Type
User ID unique identifier of the user String

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