Update Rows

Update multiple rows in a Smartsheet sheet. 

Note: Smartsheet only allows 5000 rows per sheet.

Required fields are indicated in red.


  • Your Smartsheet sheets (dropdown): Select from the list of all available Smartsheet sheets associated with your Smartsheet instance. Choose Insert ID to select a Smartsheet sheet by its ID, which is entered in the Input section.



  • Sheet ID(text): The unique identifier of the sheet.


  • Rows(list): Each added row is an object. The best way to construct these objects is with a Build Row Object card, accompanied by a List Construct function card.

    • For each row added, a build row object card is needed. Each build row object card takes a text input for each column in the associated sheet, as well as the ID of the row you'd like to edit.

    • Drag the row output on each build row object card into a list construct card.

    • Drag the list output from the list construct card into the rows input on the add rows card.

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