New Row - Webhook

Trigger a Flow when a new row is created in a Smartsheet sheet. Waits to receive an incoming request from Smartsheet that contains information on newly created rows. This request occurs whenever a new row is created within a Smartsheet sheet.


  • Your Smartsheet sheets(dropdown): Select from the list of all available Smartsheet sheets associated with your Smartsheet instance.

Output Fields

  • Row

    • The fields in this section are dynamically generated based on the columns available in the selected sheet. Fields are assigned according to the names of the columns within the sheet.
  • Metadata

    • id (text): The row ID within Smartsheet.

    • rowNumber (text): The row number within the sheet.

    • createdAt (text): The time that a new row was created.

    • modifiedAt (text): The time that a new row was modified at.

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