HMAC-encrypts input text and returns the resulting encrypted text, accepting any HMAC algorithm specified by OpenSSL.

Unless otherwise indicated, field type is text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.

Input Fields

  • algorithm (dropdown): options for OpenSSL encryption algorithms.

  • key: text to use as the encryption key; the same key will be needed, along with the algorithm, to decrypt.

  • data: text to encrypt.

  • digest (dropdown): digest module used for the encryption; options are base64, hex, and binary.

Output Fields

  • output: the encoding of your input data.


If algorithm is sha256, key is my secret key, data is My secret message!, and digest is base64,

then output is thNnmggU2ex3L5XXeMNfxf8Wl8STcVZTxscSFEKSxa0=.

The value of the output field can be sent wherever text can be sent. In order to decipher it, you will need to have the correct algorithm and key.