Removes duplicates from a list.

Input Fields

  • list - The list you want to remove duplicates from.

  • path - If list is a list of objects, path is the name of the key that determines whether something is a duplicate or not. For example, you may want just one customer record per unique email address. You can also leave the path field blank.

Output Fields

  • unique list - The list with no duplicates.

To filter out duplicates using more complex criteria than a single value or key, use the Unique Custom function which calls a child Flow to determine the value for each item that determines its uniqueness or not.


If list is [9,80,1,9,20,1] then unique list is [1,9,20,80] - only one of each number

If list is [{"name":"Nicole","value":10}, {"name":"Sarah","value":20}, {"name":"Emily","value":10}] and path is "value" then unique list is: [{"name":"Nicole","value":10}, {"name":"Sarah","value":20}] - only one object with the value 10.

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