Create Row

Create a new row in a Table.

1. Options

The first step for using this function is to provide the Table you want to add a record in. Click Choose Table and select the table you want to use.

If your Flow will operate on different tables each time, you can choose the option to provide table at runtime which will result in an additional Table input field on the next step. See Provide a table ID at runtime.

Click Next to move to the next step.

2. Data

When the second tab comes up, click the check boxes next to the column names you want to write to in the Choose Fields dialog, then click Done.


  • Fields - will include each of the chosen fields (column names) from the table you selected. (If the table is provided at runtime, you have to manually add the field names and types you want to use.)

  • Table ID - this input field only appears if you've selected provide table at runtime in the previous step.


  • Row ID - the ID of the row you created.

See Also

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