Read Table

This function returns the column schema of a Table, as identified by the Table ID.

It is most useful as an input to the Create Table function -> this lets you create a new table with the same columns as an existing table. You can obtain the Table ID as a Flow output, or by opening a Table in the designer - the Table ID is the last part of the URL, a UUID that looks something like this:  aebf9d12-f022-4798-8dc7-de740c64ce98

The column schema is a list of objects, each with two keys:  name and type.  

Name is the name of the table column, column is its type.  

For example:

[{"name":"First name","type":"string"},{"name":"Last name","type":"string"},{"name":"Jersey number","type":"number"},{"name":"Active?","type":"boolean"}]


  • Table ID - string - the UUID for the table


  • Column Schema - list of objects, each with two keys:  name and type

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