Parse a URL string into its components, with proper encoding

Input Fields

  • url(required text): the url to parse

Output Fields

  • protocol (text): the URL's protocol returned in lower case (e.g. http:)

  • host (text): the URL's host property returned in lower case (e.g.

  • port (number): the port specified in the URL returned as a number; if no port is specified, a null value is returned

  • path (text): the entire path of the URL; this is everything following the host (including the port) and before the query portion of the URL

  • query (text): the entire query string portion of the URL


For the input url: url?value=example&value2=URL

You'd get the following outputs:

  • protocol: http:

  • host:

  • port: 8080

  • path: /test%20url

  • query: value=example&value2=URL

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