About upgraded and deprecated cards

Action or event cards may need to be upgraded or retired due to API changes, major feature changes, or performance or reliability issues.


This topic provides guidance for the deprecation and updates of cards in Flows generally. For the upcoming upgrades to Slack and Slack Admin connector cards, see the Slack and Slack Admin Migration Guide.

Cards can be impacted in the following ways:

Scenario Impact
A card was upgraded with new functionality.

You current Flows will likely be interrupted so long as they are using the card's old functionality.

To take advantage of the upgrade, you will have to establish a new connection for that card's connector, then remove and replace the existing card.

For some card upgrades, you may only have to reauthorize your current connection instead of establishing a new one.

In CAPIA cards, application API endpoints are no longer supported. If your CAPIA card uses any of the unsupported endpoints, then it will not work and your Flows will not run.
A card is being deprecated by Okta.

You will no longer be able to add this card to a Flow.

If you have existing Flows with this card, they may remain functional.

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