Incorrect CORS installation

If you see this message when logging into ADFS, ensure you have enabled CORS in your Okta org .

Incorrect Farm installation

During installation you encounter an error 1001 PS0033 “cmdlet cannot be executed from a secondary server in a local database farm.

If you encounter this error closely follow the instructions in the Farm Installation addendum, especially the steps that discuss WID (windows internal database) and promoting each server to be primary.

incompatible proxy

During login, after MFA, users received an "unable to connect" message.
The ADFS plugin can use a proxy to interact with Okta. By default the the ADFS agent uses the WinHTTP proxy.
Some customers may be using the IE proxy.

To ensure that the ADFS plugin is using the correct proxy:
  1. Open a command prompt window.
  2. Execute the netsh winhttp show proxy command.
  3. Examine the result of the command which will be one of: no proxy, winhttp or ie.
  4. For customers using IE, specify IE as proxy source using a command similar to:
    netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie
  5. Also ensure that the https://<yourorg>.okta<preview>.com is not blocked by company firewalls.