ePCS Okta configuration

Before installing the Okta Hyperspace Agent, your org must have the following items configured:

End user/Groups who will authenticate with ePCS sign ins

  1. Login to your Okta Org as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Directory > Groups.
    Select Directory > Groups to add a group
  3. Click Add Group to add a group and provide an appropriate name and description for the new group.
  4. Click the group name and add appropriate people, or Directories to the group.
    For more information see Managing Groups in Okta.


Newly created groups are intended for use with configured MFA factors.

MFA factors configured for use with ePCS sign in

  1. Navigate to Security > Multifactor.
  2. On the Factor Types tab set target factor active or inactive.
    Manage factor activation
    See the ePCS Okta configuration section in this document for a list of ePCS supported factors.

For more information on managing factors see Multifactor Authentication.

Install the Epic Hyperspace application

  1. Navigate to the Applications page.
  2. Click Add Application
  3. Enter Epic Hyperspace EPCS (MFA) in the search box and add the application.
  4. Select the General tab.
  5. Note the value of the Client ID and Client secret.
    If required, use the Edit button to change the Application label value.
    Use the Show button to display the hidden value of the Client secret.
    Select Directory > Groups to add a group