Pulse Connect Secure supported versions, and factors

The Pulse Connect Secure supports the following versions, clients, features and factors.

Supported Versions

This guide has been verified with the following versions:

  • Pulse Connect Secure v8.3

Supported factors

The following MFA Factors are supported:

Important Note

When integrating with Okta RADIUS, the maximum supported number of enrolled factors is dependent on the size of resulting challenge message. Okta recommends that no more than eight ( 8 ) be enrolled at one time.

MFA Factor Password Authentication Protocol
Extensible Authentication Protocol - Generic Token Card
Extensible Authentication Protocol - Tunneled Transport Layer Security
Custom TOTP Authentication Supported Supported Supported
Duo(Push, SMS and Passcode only) Supported Not supported Not supported




Not supported

Google Authenticator Supported Supported Supported - as long as challenge is avoided.
For example MFA only or password, MFA.

Okta Verify (TOTP and PUSH)

Supported Supported Supported - as long as challenge is avoided.
For example:
MFA-only or password, MFA for TOTP.
Push can work with primary auth + MFA as the push challenge is sent out-of-band.

RSA Token




Security Question

Supported Supported Not supported
SMS authentication Supported Supported Not supported
Symantec VIP Supported Supported Supported

Voice Call

Supported Supported Not supported


Supported Supported Supported

EAP-TTLS does not support enrollment
Authentication will fail unexpectedly when EAP-TTLS is enabled, either Okta Verify or Phone are specified as required enrollment policy, and the user is not enrolled in that factor.



The U2F Security and Windows Hello MFA factors are not compatible with RADIUS-enabled implementations.
For additional information about the RADIUS apps refer to Configuring RADIUS applications in Okta.