Autopush for RADIUS

Okta's Autopush for RADIUS allows you to use the high assurance, low friction Okta Verify with Push feature when it is not possible for an end user to opt-in. The Okta Verify with Push experience has been popular with Admins for its high security implementation. The option for an end user to opt in for an automatic push has also increased end-user satisfaction by removing additional friction; specifically, the extra click to request the push. However, in some use cases, the end user cannot opt in, as this behavior is stored in a browser cookie. To bridge this gap, Okta's Autopush for RADIUS feature permits an admin to configure the behavior without requiring an enduser opt in.

Autopush for RADIUS is compatible with the following:

  • Okta VPN integrations supported by RADIUS
  • Okta's Generic RADIUS app

Step-by-step Configuration Guide

There are seven parts to the configuration, including prerequisites and testing. Answers to frequently asked questions are also provided.